Foreign influences and abortion

Why is Kathmandu post promoting buzzfeed views buzzfeed is a left leaning site in USA why are they trying to insert USA Democrat view on nepal ??? And what are your thoughts on abortion pro life or choice ??

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  • trump supporter alert!!!!!

  • Dude been watching too many Ben Shapiro videos.

  • Pro choice. We gotta kill all the deformed autistic handicapped ugly babies. Parents can kill babies they dont want. Minimize suffering. Infanticide is very common in the animal kingdom.

  • Anti abortion views are also generally influenced by Western religious institutions.

    Philosophically it’s a complex issue but pragmatically pro-choice is always the better choice for a society. It’s gonna happen either way, you might as well regulate it and make it safe.

  • Abortion was invented by Democrats ?

  • No lol

  • I am all for abortion if both parents want it. If not there should be some sort of legal route. But I don’t agree on abortion done on basis of gender of embryos and after certain stage of pregnancy.

  • Why the fuck are some of our people being influenced by western world views. There is no debate about abortion in our culture, society, and country, in terms of ethics. It’s a fucking embryo, who the fuck actually thinks it is a baby. And even if it is a baby, the mother has every right to terminate its life, because it’s her baby. The only problem relating to Nepal on abortion is Gender Selection. Anyone spouting Republican Christian views on abortion can gladly get the fuck out of Nepal.

  • People are gonna get abortions anyhow…its better if its legal and is done in a safe way….making it illegal wont stop women from having abortions….

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