Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi your experience

With which group you had good and bad experience abroad.

Pakistani- had ok, they are respectful people though you could feel the tension whenever the hot topic was introduced, SURPRISINGLY VERY conservative but overall nice people.

Indian-Most of the people i met were Punjabis, I would say 95% of people I met were really respectful and nice. Sikhs or Hindus both really nice people. You could count on them if you needed a help and you could trust them, specially the sardars, and you could feel some kind of unknown bond with a Hindu. Met some people from West Bengal, very nice people, also met Shia Muslims don’t know from which part of India they were, very respectful and understanding people.

Bangladeshi- I had some good Bangladeshi school friends, we hanged out often. Unfortunately, they were the only good Bangladeshi people I met. Vast majority of the people I met were very obnoxious, with no respect for anybody, frauds, fake people, etc etc the list goes on. Very bad experience but I’m sure not all Bangladeshis are like this.

Nepali- Good friends obviously because we could understand each other very well. All of the people around my age smoked, I was the only non smoker there. Some are very fucked up people, raksi khayera maar pit garya xa yaar ekarka sangha, raat bhari dhadyan dhudung. Bad situation ma huda bichara bhanera help garyo bhane arko din tesaile ulto naramro garxa , I’ve seen this happen many times with many people. Obviously these people make very small % but still disappointing. Most are very kind, helpful and nice people.

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