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  • I havent used khalti yet. But choosing between Esewa and Imepay, I would say it depends upon the user. If it is for a business purpose, esewa is the wallet app you shoud go for as it is associated with hundred of organization. And if you are a user like me who only uses wallet apps for payment such as electricity,water,telephone, internet and cable I would recommend IME pay for these two reason:
    1. Loading money via card: You can load money from any card including SCT,JCB and american express in IME pay while you can only use visa, master card and union pay in esewa.
    2. IME remit: IME remit is used by many people in Nepal to send money within a short time. With IME pay, you can directly load money from IME in your app and then transfer into your bank account. This can save your time going to nearest IME agent, filling forms and standing in line. You would only need ICN number and your account KYC verified.

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