Nepalis and their dislike towards indians online

Recently I was watching some south asian volleyball games that are taking place in nepal and nepalis in the comments section were hilarious. On the women's final video especially which was india vs. nepal. people were talking about how 'nepali girls are ramro and indian girls are kali', 'how did these dhotnis beat nepali team', 'indian girls look low quality, their dress/appearance', etc. Also in the men's final match (india vs. pakistan), the entire nepali crowd was dead silent whenever india gained points but cheered like crazy whenever pakistan scored. Its ok to be proud of your nation and appreciate their efforts but why put down another nation, especially regarding their looks? I mean they came to your country as guests. please dont get me wrong im not saying all nepalis are like this but the hatred i've seen by nepalis towards indians online and to an extent irl is amazing to say the least.

Most indians honestly see nepal as a very peaceful, beautiful country so such mockery towards us is rather shocking.

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  • Limpiyadhura is in nepal. Fuck you r/india

  • Some people can’t separate a country’s citizen from it’s government. Fuck this kind of racist piece of shit.

  • Hating India is the new fad

  • Kalapani is hot issue .

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